Apple vs Microsoft

May 28, 2010

We have  just learned this week that Apple has snagged the title of being the world’s largest technology company by market capitalization from Microsoft. This has to matter because it means that Apple’s market value is at $222.1 billion, higher than Microsoft’s $219.2 billion. The people at Microsoft should be in the kitchen whipping sweet pastry because in all fairness to the company, Apple is delivering products like macs, iphones and ipads and they are all beginning to assume the lion’s share of the personal computing tasks that used to be performed by PCs running Microsoft products.

From a developer’s perspective, the idea of a PC in every home should be in the computing hall of fame, but the idea of a device for every individual is a far more superior venture because first of all, there is a lot more people involved therefore a huge potential customer base and profits; secondly, it is more personal because only the users knows what works for them best making branding a suitable option; thirdly, it is a phone with all the computing capabilities if not more. Apple has been able to strategically position itself tapping into this vast market while steadily providing a robust product and it is slowly paying off. Through a series of ad campaigns, Apple has also been able to convince consumers that macs are a superior product to the PC citing operating system issues, screen freezes and the simplicity of its user interface. Apple has also been able to convincingly revolutionalize the touch screen experience using the iphone and ipad, create inhouse markets like the iphone app store which boasted 100,000 apps in the beginning of 2010, itunes music library and soon to be the ipad media library for books, newspapers, magazines.

Finally, Apple is also experiencing some stiff competition from Google when it comes to which company is going to establish its dominance in the operating system market. The MacOS is really being challenged by the Android2.2  which I personally believe is the best operating system, but maybe again I might just be biased and not even know it. I have good reasons which I will not be discussing them here.


Tiger Woods apology

February 19, 2010

Watching Tiger’s apology today was another example of how marriage has lost a lot of it’s meaning today. I appreciated the sincerity in his apology but given the nature of the incident, it would be absurd to convince me that everything should go back to normal. To whom a lot is given, a lot is required and Tiger should have known this before indulging in his sexual escapades. It is obviously unfair for me to negatively comment on his marriage given the fact that I am not married myself, and therefore don’t fully understand the dynamics of a married life, but clearly what he did to his family was horrible.

It is refreshing for celebrities to apologize because it exposes their vulnerability and the laws of humanity are enforced. It would be very nice to see Tiger Woods fix his marriage and re-establish his dominance in golf. Personally, I feel like it will take a little more than a well-crafted publicized apology and sex rehab to get your life out of the woods, Tiger!


The Burg

February 4, 2010

This year’s Miss America hails from Fredericksburg, VA. It is a small town between Washington D.C and Richmond, VA. It has a population of approximately 30,000 and hosts the college I attended. That small town forever holds a piece of me, and I forever hold a piece of that town. I encountered some amazing and influential people in my life. Rahul Singh is one of the people I met in that town who showed me that my organization skills are lacking and need reform. He taught me that ‘being in control is being out of control’. He also helped me safeguard my sobriety and also made me realize that my networking skills are way below par. Stephen Davies is one of my professors who showed me what passion really meant. He painted the picture of being in love with what you do, inspiring the whole CS department. He easily retains the honor of being the most influential person in my life.


“He be da man”

January 30, 2010

I have no words to compliment Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for their $10 billion donation over the next decade towards the development of vaccines for poor and developing nations. This initiative is in addition to $4.5 billion which the foundation has already committed to vaccine research, development and delivery. Infant mortality rates in Africa are unacceptably high due to diseases like malaria and AIDS, therefore something concrete like this has to be done to achieve concrete results.

During a TED conference in February 2009, Bill Gates released a jar of mosquitos into the audience and said, “Not only poor people should experience this”. It was not a coincidence that the mosquitos were not carrying malaria. His presentation was about malaria education and eradication in third world countries.

It goes without saying that his cause is noble, and should be recognized by the entire world. His selfless actions will impact a lot of lives across the globe and the world will be a better place because of it. I have a great deal of respect not only for his entrepreneurial skills, but by his just causes for humanity. There goes a college drop out for you world.


Startups 4 life

January 29, 2010

I have to admit that I love startup companies. They encompass the true meaning of enginuity and capitalism. In my short professional career, I have worked in three different startups and the lessons learned from them all is, the desire to succeed. Although more responsibility is required to maximize on the investments, they render a family atmosphere as compared to the other working places. They have a relaxed dress code, usually just a pair of jeans and a collared shirt will do the trick. The work fridge is always packed with sodas and sometimes cold brews for all, the pantry is always full of goodies like chips, cookies, brownies, oatmeal just to mention but a few.

The ambition is unwavering because there is no room for doubt or error. The mission is clear, close to perfection service delivery because the company’s lifeline depends on it. To maintain and obtain new clients, the writing is on the wall. Work hard, play hard.

Big corporations operate under a chain level of command which more often results in a bureaucracy. Most startups engage in an open environment, which enhances communication due to the fact that you can just walk into the CEO’s office and hold a conversation. That is very unlikely to happen in a a big corporation. The casual working environment boosts team morale which is directly co-related to output. Simply put, the higher the team morale, the more tasks likely to be accomplished. I am therefore declaring that I am startups number one fan.


Facebook status updates

January 29, 2010

The facebook status update has grown to mean different things to different people. Personally, I think that they should be used sparingly. It defines facebook junkies to the core, it sometimes displays ignorance and stupidity, it shows immaturity on multiple levels and if one is not careful, it gives away someone’s personal lifestyle to the rest of the world. I totally embrace the spirit of freedom of expression and information, but there has to be an inclination towards privacy as well.

You might be a facebook junkie, if you update your status more than 5 times a day, so please contact a facebook shrink. All the people who comment on your status need to follow suit as well, because they are equally guilty as charged (GAC).

If your status is always about your binge drinking expeditions, please do the above and visit a AA meeting near where you reside. You have multiple problems.

If your status history is consistently about your problems, please consider hiring a life coach because you obviously suck at life.

If your goal is to become popular, please improve your people skills and sharpen your networking abilities, it’s not that hard trust me.

It would be nice to read a well thought-out facebook status update every now and then, but even I suffer from the harsh realities of the information age. Cheers!


The Toyota recalls

January 28, 2010

The recent recalling of 5.3 million Toyota vehicles is causing major problems for the company’s image. For years the company has been positioning itself as the maker of top quality vehicles but that image is slowly being tainted. With recalls spanning into China and Europe, the company will have to make some calculated customer-relation moves in the future. Some of the complaints include unstoppable acceleration due to the gas pedal getting stuck next to the removable floor mat. It is estimated that 2.3 million vehicles have been affected by this problem. My hope is that the company is working tirelessly around the clock to resolve this issue especially given the fact that Ford has posted a profit of 2.7 billion this year. This is the first time Ford has been able to make a full-year profit since 2005. What now Toyota here comes the American resilience!